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CANADIAN LYNX (Lynx canadensis)

lynxThe lynx is a medium sized cat with a short tail (6-1/2 inches) and long legs. It stands from about 17 to 29 inches high at the shoulder and ranges in length from about 33 to 48 inches overall. The head has a cheek beard, and the long tapered ears have tufts up to 10-1/2 inches long. The tip of the tail is black. The feet are unusually large for a felid and have a thick fur padding on their edges as well as long hair that grows between the toes and the balls of the soles (snowshoe). There is a great deal of variation in the coloration of the lynx, but in general, they are light sandy color shading to a light or white belly and the insides of the legs. The back side of the ears is black with the typical felid “false eyes.” Some individuals are spotted, some not, and this seems to be associated with the geographical locations of the various populations.

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