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Sika (1)The Sika deer (Cervus nippon) lives in East Asia, but they have also been introduced in countries like Australia, Austria, Denmark, England, France, Ireland, Jolo Island (south of the Philippines), New Zealand, Poland, Scotland, Maryland, Morocco, Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and Virginia. Sika Deer are related to the Elk family, rather than the deer. They are part of the 3 subspecies of Elk. Mating between the elk and sika deer is possible, and the offspring are called “Silks”

The Sika deer is primarily nocturnal and do not form groups that often. Males are mostly solitary, and only sometimes form groups.

Females form groups with their young only during the calving season. They are excellent swimmers. The word ‘sikha’ in Japanese is the general word for deer. Two subspecies, Dybowski’s sika deer and Formosan sika deer are very endangered and possibly extinct in the wild, but are still found in zoos.