Visit the Farm

If your family loves animals, come to Olympic Game Farm in Sequim, WA. At our farm, you can experience wildlife in a unique and exciting way. Enjoy our drive tour year round and watch as animals flock to your vehicle! Or, during the summer, enjoy walking tours of our other facilities. Whether you are a tourist or a native to the area, your whole family is sure to want to spend the whole day on our historic farm !

Wildlife Tours That the Whole Family Will Love!

Game Farm Drive Tour

Embark on our self-guided Drive Tour, which consists of 84 acres of terrain filled with wildlife…our animals are not hesitant to come up right up to your car for a slice of bread! This tour takes about one hour. Your admission allows you all-day access to this tour, so take your time and drive around a few times!

Drive Through Safari & Petting Zoo in Sequim, WA

During this tour, you will see:

• Llama
• Elk
• Tibetan Yak
• American Bison
• Sika Deer
• Spotted Fallow Deer
• European Fallow Deer
• Zebra
• Domestic Horses
• Black Tailed Prairie Dog
• Kodiak Bear

Drive Through Safari & Petting Zoo in Sequim, WA

You may also see our world-famous waving bears behind their fence, waving at you for some bread! Feel free to throw them a slice. You can also view our “in-need” predatory animals in their enclosures.

Please follow the rules below to keep yourself and your family safe during the drive tour:

1. Stay completely inside the vehicle at all times.

2. Only side windows are allowed to be open. All doors, sunroofs, slider doors, and rear hatches must stay closed at all times while on the tour. No open vehicles, motorcycles or bicycles are allowed, and all Jeeps, Broncos, convertibles, etc. must have the top and/or sides all the way on.

3. Do not feed the animals anything other than wheat bread at any time, NO EXCEPTIONS. Do not feed any of the animals in the petting farm or predator area.

4. Do not stop your vehicle in the elk or bison fields, as they may become aggressive and cause damage to your vehicle and the vehicles behind you. Do not feed them at the field entrance; move far into the field before feeding. Move your vehicle at a slow pace.

5. Watch your fingers and mirrors when feeding the zebra and horses, as they may bite.

6. Please drive slowly and carefully at all times. The maximum speed on premises is 10 mph.

Summertime Combo Tour

During the summer, enjoy our petting farm, aquarium, duck pond, and tours of our reptile house and Historical Studio Barn!

The Historical Studio Barn is home to antique movie memorabilia, such as movie scripts, original movie sets, educational animal information, and accounts of our accomplishments while working with Disney Studios. Trained handlers in the barn will also lead you through the reptile room, teaching you about the history of our reptiles.


Seasonal Walk Tour

Seasonal Walk Tours are available from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Animals at Our Farm Include:

• American Bison
• American Black Bear
• Roosevelt Elk
• Zebra
• Black-tailed Prairie Dog
• Llama
• Domestic Yak
• European Fallow Deer
• Siberian Tiger
• African Lion
• Mountain Lion

• Bobcat
• Canadian Lynx
• Coyote
• Timberwolf mix
• Kodiak Bear
• Emu
• Sika Deer
• Spotted Fallow Deer
• Peacock
• Raccoon

Gift Shop & Concessions

At our gift shop, open year round during our driving tour hours, you can purchase a variety of items, including souvenirs. We offer concessions at Carlsborg Station Depot during the summer, from Memorial Day to Labor Day.